Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is meteorite?
Meteorites are thought to be remnant “building blocks’ of our Solar System which were not used up to make up any of the planets, moons, asteroids etc.

2) Are the patterns on the meteorite natural?
Yes, 100% natural. This is known as the “Widmanstatten Patterns” which is the biggest and unique  feature of this type of meteorite.

3) Will the meteorite products get rusted?
Most of our meteorite products are treated with special coating or PVD plating to avoid rusting. But it is recommended to avoid direct contact with water.

4) Will there be any radiation emission from the meteorite?
Because meteorites had existed for billions of year, many geologists explain that the radiation had used up. In fact, the radiation within the meteorite is significantly less than any mineral materials on Earth. So, there is absolutely no concern on this matter.